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If your power keeps tripping, you may need to replace your consumer unit. Call S W Lynch Electrical & Plumbing Services for professional electrical services and fuse box replacements in properties across Rugby, Warwickshire, and Northamptonshire.

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Do you need to replace your electrical consumer unit?

Electrical consumer units, also known as fuse boxes or circuit breaker panels, control the distribution of electricity in your home or business, so it’s easy to imagine how a faulty system can become a significant safety hazard. But how can you tell if your consumer unit needs replacing? As well as being frustrating, frequent fuse tripping, electric shocks, or flickering lights can all be signs your consumer unit may need an upgrade. Contact S W Lynch Electrical & Plumbing Services today for a thorough inspection.

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Professional installations

Our skilled electricians prioritise your safety and system reliability when installing new consumer units.

Compliance assurance

We adhere to all safety regulations and industry standards to ensure your new system is reliable.

Expert advice

If you’re unsure whether your consumer unit needs replacing, call us for a thorough inspection.


Ensuring your consumer unit is compliant

While frequent electric shocks can be annoying, they’re an obvious sign that something isn't right with your electricals. In that case, you can call us immediately for an inspection. But what do you do if there haven’t been any warning signs? In the UK, safety standards are updated frequently to minimise the risk of fire, electric shocks, and other accidents, so it’s crucial your unit stays compliant with regulations. If your unit was installed more than 20 years ago, there is a higher chance it’s no longer compliant and may need replacing. So, if you think your system might be outdated, call us today for expert advice.

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Trusted for all your electrical or plumbing needs

Reasonably priced

“Steve and Stuart carried out some work for me last week. They were punctual, polite and carried out the work very effectively. Reasonably priced and good people to deal with. I fully recommend them for any electrical and plumbing work.”

Michael Prendergast, Google

Ready to replace your consumer unit?

Call S W Lynch Electrical & Plumbing Services, Rugby, for expert advice or system inspections.

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