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Heating grid with ventilation by the floor


Don’t just settle for fresh air. MVHR systems provide fresh air without sacrificing warmth. If you live in Rugby, Warwickshire, or Northamptonshire, contact S W Lynch Electrical & Plumbing Services for a heat recovery ventilation system.

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Get maximum value for money with a heat recovery system

If you love your current ventilation system but feel like it’s causing significant heat loss in the winter, a heat recovery (MVHR) system may be the solution. Compared to a traditional home ventilation system, MVHR systems are equipped with a heat exchanger, which captures the warmth from indoor air and transfers it to the fresh stream of air coming into your home from outside. So, if you’re in need of a replacement ventilation system, why not consider an MVHR system? Contact S W Lynch Electrical & Plumbing Services today for a quote.

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Superior air quality

Say goodbye to moisture problems and hello to fresh, filtered air.

Quiet operation

Your ventilation system doesn’t have to be noisy. Choose an MVHR system today.

Minimal heat loss

Reduce the need for additional heating with an MVHR system.


Keep your air fresh and your home warm

When it comes to reducing your home’s moisture problems, ventilation systems are a no-brainer. However, if your system is losing the warmth your central heating is producing, it’s time for an upgrade. By recycling the heat that would have been lost through traditional ventilation, MVHR systems may help lower heating bills and increase the overall energy efficiency of your central heating. If you’re unsure whether a traditional ventilation system or an MVHR system is best for your home, contact S W Lynch Electrical & Plumbing Services for advice.

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Efficient, friendly, and reliable services

Exceptional standard of work

“Very pleased with work done. Professional & friendly. Turned up on time, response of work being carried out was exceptional. Would definitely recommend and use again.”

Pushpinder Virdee, Google

Ready to invest in a heat recovery ventilation system?

Call S W Lynch Electrical & Plumbing Services, Rugby, for MVHR system installations.

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